Owen Cassidy

As a designer and musician, I seek massive amounts of control in my outcomes and process. Most of the time, this perceived control is an illusion. I have little to no control over the audience’s response to the work. My life has seen more than its fair share of chaotic moments, and I use design as a tool to cope with the traumas, fears, and anxieties that are present in my life today. In short, having control over design is a way I can be at peace with my painful realities.

Using the parameters that I can control in design, I seek to create synesthetic audio-visual experiences that make the audience question their own perceptions and realities. By presenting my own narratives and experiences in an A/V format, my hope is to connect with the audience in a way where empathy and experience become a shared dialogue.

In immersive A/V experiences, I edit my narratives as I choose, presenting them in the ways in which I see and remember them. The idea is that the audience will either become immersed in or involved with these experiences, or pass by them as they choose, presenting the idea that reality, in many ways, is ours to perceive as we choose. This ties into the aspects of psychedelia and seemingly hallucinogenic material that I often work with, and the history/experience behind it. By presenting various different realities, I aim for a multi-dimensional sensory experience in which the audience can choose their own reality.

My hope that these types of experiences can facilitate dialogue about connection, empathy and spirituality. That these immersive A/V, designed experiences can be powerful and spiritual experiences.