Homeward Nomad

Jeremy Luther

A full exhibition of this thesis will be presented in October 2020.

Growing Grapes in Oklahoma and Homeward Nomad are a combination of theses that are essentially a narrative of its own creation. It is centered around the idea of cultivating a sense of place; what that means, where one can find it, and how it can affect a person; told through the lens of a long-standing search to find such a thing. A journey through poverty, abuse, art, and design led this document to the creation of a body of work focusing on analog design in the form sketchbooks, collectively titled Homeward Nomad.

It consists of 5 books: two of narrative writing, one handmade sketchbook replica, and a copy of the published Homeward Nomad, Vol. 1, an anthology culled from over 4,300 pages of sketches, writings, and observations created over a period of more than two decades. The thesis led to the creation of a company creating both the above works and offering custom tailored, hand-made sketchbooks, which can be found at

homeward nomad book