novel exhibition 2020 vermont college of fine arts


Little did we know, that when we chose the exhibition title “novel,” the term would alter our lives and result in this digital exhibition of our work.

We chose this title as it doubly refers to that which is new and unique, and that which involves story and narrative. Though novels are often fictitious, ours are very real. And very personal. 

The following work consists of personal narratives exemplifying transformation, insight, awareness, growth, courage, and more. 

Life has become novel and so continues our stories.

plate cover
Luke Anspach

At the Table

book cover square
Patricia Childers

mediating messages

matherne cover
Susan Matherne

Crescent City Sense of Place
and a New Design Ecology

perceptions cover
Owen Cassidy


Jeremy Luther

Homeward Nomad

melaragno cover
Rebecca Melaragno

Rooted in Creativity